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Pointers On How To Use Google Plus For Business

Social networks have grown tremendously in recent years. From Facebook hitting the one billion people mark, to Twitter amassing 302 million active monthly users. As such, many people and business have realised the tremendous value of social marketing.

However, when the discussion of social marketing arises, many people discard Google+ as a not-so-serious contender in social business marketing. This is a huge mistake on their part.

Google+, in actuality, is a driving force in social marketing. The sheer number of users should give every business the initial incentive of turning to Google+ for marketing purposes. Google+ has over 300 million monthly active users. This is a huge audience for businesses to ignore.


The myth that Google+is a ghost social website does not hold water. This is a very active and lively social site that can be used to drum up business for any enterprise out there.

That being said, there is one hurdle that needs to be overcome before businesses can incorporate Google+ into their marketing strategies. This is learning how to use Google+ for business purposes. Herein is a guide on how you can use Google+.

At the end of the article, you will realise the kind of opportunity that you have been missing out on if you have not been using Google+ to market your business.

Creating A Google+ Page

To create a business page, visit the “Create a business page” on Google+. This page can be accessed from a normal Google+ account.

The next step involves categorising your business where you are presented with different options including, “local business or place”, “product or brand”, “company and institution or organisation”. Based on the category, you choose, you will be presented with different sub-category options to choose from. These sub-categories are meant to help Google locate your business, for example through your physical address or phone number. The sub-categories also serve to help you provide a precise description of the goods or services that you deal with.

The Add Info Page


The next step is to add information about your products, services or your brand.

This is done by choosing the name of the brand and the website address to your business’s external website. This is followed by adding information on the appropriate age of your audience. This is meant to help you further narrow down your content to the intended audience, which improves your visibility.


Customisation involves making your page as appealing as possible. For starters, you should add a relevant profile picture and cover photo. The photographs can be added from Picasa. A golden rule with photos is to add clear pictures that are of high-quality. Relevancy of the photos involves making sure that the photos are associated with your product or services or company name and brand.

The next part of creating a Google+ page should be adding the tagline. The tagline is a ten-word phrase that best describes your business. The tagline should be consistent across the various social platforms that you have used. The final bit of setting up your account is adding contact information that you use, including fax, chat, mobile number, email address among other contact information.

Once done with the basic customisation, you can conduct some further customisation by using various options that are available. The people section helps you to determine the ways other Google+ user view your profile page. The Story section can be used to introduce your business and as well as provide a description of what the business is all about.

When you are through with these steps, you can start to post on the Business account.

Use Visuals

Just as it is with other social networks, Google + marketing for business benefits a lot from using imagery. You should make a point of sharing high-quality images and clips on Google +, which attracts more following from the audience. Examples of good images are images that show behind the scenes part of the business that would otherwise be very difficult to show.


The main advantage of using Google + is that you have at your disposal Google SEO values. Incorporate SEO to your post and other Google For Businesses services to ensure that you have a high rank in the Google search results.


Engage your Audience

This is another must-do when you use Google+ for marketing. Fortunately, Google enables this to be done effectively by using Google+ circles. Creating circles where you can engage different people creates a larger following thus increasing the probability of increasing traffic to your business website.

Adding The +1 Button

This is the primary way of sharing your page and posts. It also improves the ranking in Google search results making your business more visible.

Neglecting the page makes it inactive and thus reduces interest and following. This reduces the amount of visibility your business has. This also includes forgetting about your circles. You should actively participate in the Google+ circle to keep your audience engaged and interested.

If you are a business that has been using Google+ for some time now, please feel free to sound off in our comments section about your successes and failures in using the social network.

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