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Why You Should Not Overlook Google+ for Business

Google+ is a social media site from Google that’s all about adding people to “circles”. Compared with Facebook or Twitter it really hasn’t taken off to quite the same extent and in fact many people still haven’t heard of it.

While this is the case though, there are still plenty of good reasons you should be on it if you have a business and it’s a huge mistake if you’re currently overlooking it. Read on and we’ll look in depth at why you shouldn’t overlook Google+ and why it should in fact play an important role in your social media strategy.

Google+ is Still Quite Big

As mentioned, Google+ is not Facebook big. Nor is it Twitter big. But it’s still bigger than a lot of other small social networks that companies rave about and it’s still home to plenty of users you can promote yourself to. In other words, this is another place to market yourself and it’s big enough to warrant your time. That in itself should be enough reason to get involved.

Any social media marketing guru will tell you that you should try and get your brand everywhere as much as possible. That means being on all the social media sites regardless of size – so don’t leave out this one from a big company like Google.

And anyway, slightly smaller means slightly less competition! It’s swings and roundabouts…

The Communities Are Really Useful

Google+ has communities that act similarly to Facebook’s fan pages. The main difference? They’re much better.

If you post in the Google+ communities then you can ensure your content is seen by huge numbers of people without you having to pay a cent for it. If you post and comment often you can even use these communities to build authority and trust and that has a lot of value for any business or blogger.

Google+ Influences Rankings

It’s official – getting plus 1s on Google+ boosts your ranking. Google sees this as a social signal that your content is good and it helps its spiders to index it. What’s more, getting plus 1s will mean you show up in lots of personalized search results allowing you to leapfrog the competition in some instances.

In fact, according to Moz’s search ranking factors survey of 2013, +1s may even be in the top five most important factors!

Google+ is Important for Local Business

When you create a Google+ “My Business” page, you can then add your location which will mean you; a) show up in local search and b) show up on Google maps.

This is very important for bringing in local search which is one of the biggest ways to get conversions as a restaurant, hotel or other local business. And seeing as 43 percent of all search is local, that’s a pretty important consideration.

On top of all this, Google+ is only likely to get bigger. It has Google behind it after all and that’s a horse you want to bet on!

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