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What Exactly Is Google Plus?

When Google+ entered the marketplace, it was marketed as the newest and biggest thing. What we have since learned is that Google+ has pretty much failed. By having failed we mean in the general sense that it has failed to have the impact that most people thought that it would have on the world.

In the beginning it was simply a button that you could press on a website, which would then share with everyone within your Google+ circle and then later transferred into more of a social network.

It’s supposed to be the social network to end all social networks. In this role as a social network Google+ has pretty much failed. It hasn’t failed because of design or a platform, but it has failed because a lot of people have not adapted to it.

One reason why a lot of people have not adapted to it is because it depends on the Google ecosystem to use it and that pretty much means that you have to use a Google email account to use Google+. We know that not everyone uses Google as their email provider and they don’t have a reason to log into Google on a daily basis just to interact on Google+.


Where Google+ has seen a lot of its success is in the role as a business directory, rating and review system.

Everyone who uses Google to search for companies finds that those at the top listing have been ranked with a star system. Upon clicking these listings, one will learn more about the company and be able to read reviews about them. This is where Google+ really does a great job and many people find it useful when they’re looking into doing business with other businesses.

Another area where Google+ really does a great job is at  creating small community based open fora. Maybe calling them fora is the wrong way to phrase it, but they have these Facebook like pages you can create, where you can interact with a group of people. They do a very great job at doing this and it is very easy to use. There are even businesses who use those pages instead of a website, as a blog and additional to a website.

So What is Google+?

Google+ is Google’s all-encompassing system of keeping everything entwined within the Google ecosystem. You need a Google+ account to use YouTube, when you sign up for a Gmail account you get a Google+ account, it is a social network, it’s a website, a social network system; it is a place to post and share information.


Ultimately, Google+ is a great idea that works very well, but has not found a huge share of the social media market. They will never be able to compete with Facebook and other social networking sites. Where Google is better than everyone else is with their review and rating system, the community centre pages (where people can come together and discuss various topics) and the design they have. Where Google+ has failed is how it requires everyone to have a Google+ account just to use services like YouTube. This puts the user’s private information at risk and they have to worry about every post they make on YouTube being shared elsewhere.

For businesses utilizing Google+, it is a great idea because everyone uses Google to search businesses. Every company should create a Google+ business page and focus on getting plenty of positive reviews will help the profitability and popularity of their business.

Things that would really help Google+ grow is making it so that it is easier for non Google users to operate within the Google ecosystem. You shouldn’t have to have a Google email account or use a Google+ account to operate YouTube. Google should  even try to integrate itself within Facebook and within Twitter. Google should be a universal entry point into every social site. I think that if they made it more open, then more people would use it.

I know that the Internet is going into mostly a closed-loop system where websites like Facebook want to provide everything within their site so that users will never leave Facebook for content. I didn’t think that Google+ has to become the universal entry point that links everybody together and the hugest content curator. In this roles they will have content flow seamlessly from site to site. Google would ultimately end up with more power and more market share within the social media realm.

The Future of Google+

So what exactly does the future hold for Google+? At this point, it’s really hard to predict the future, but I think that it will always be hard for Google to make a ton of money with the social media aspects of Google+. It will also be hard for them to have more people adopt it as their core social media network.

Google+ will always be top notch when it comes to operating as a business directory, as a company review and rating portal and as a source to quickly gain information about businesses. When it comes to the integration with YouTube there’s rumors that that users will no longer need to be a Google+ member to operate a YouTube account, and we know that makes a lot of people happy.

It is predicted that Google+ will still try to make dents  in the social arena because there is so much content in that realm. Social signals are very important to search engine rank and it pretty much is where the people are these days. Google is in the business of being where the people are, so it will continue to make waves. The Google+ system will most likely be integrated in very different ways in the future.

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