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Using Google+ for Social Media Monitoring and Marketing

Although social media is a relatively recent concept, it has become a very important part of every business organization. Social media monitoring and marketing are crucial for every marketing campaign and client-based development platform. The basic perception about social media marketing has quickly shifted. It is no longer considered to be a passing trend.

These days, social media presence on the big three: Facebook, Twitter and Google+ is extremely important to market and promote products and services on the internet. In the last couple of years, Google+ has surpassed most social networks. Currently, it is second to only Facebook, but may be even more beneficial for businesses.

Google+ is a popular social networking website, but integrates with a wide array of services provided by Google. Moreover, this social networking website carries a lot of weight in terms of organic search visibility and search engine optimization. It is regarded as a super network, combining the best parts of other popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter.


What Can You Do On Google+?

Google+ lets you post links, videos, pictures and text just like Facebook. However, this social network from Google has introduced the concept of Circles. With Circles, users can group followers according to their interests or some other criteria. For instance, business contacts, colleagues or customers. This allows better targeting and social media monitoring than either Facebook or Twitter.

Google+ also offers a unique feature called Hangouts. A Hangout is a text or video chat you can host with multiple people simultaneously. Recently, this social network also introduced picture editing capabilities. It allows you to easily edit pictures you post on the network.

Here are some ways you can use this social media network:

+1 – A Perfect Ranking Signal for SEO 

If you can get “likes” on Facebook, you can get +1 on Google+. However, a +1 has more weightage than a Facebook like. Google uses +1s on your page to determine the popularity of your business or brand. Therefore, +1s are a very important ranking signal for search engine optimization.

Circles – Better Targeting 

As mentioned earlier, Circles allow you to group your followers according to specific interests or some other criteria, including prospects, existing customers, competitors and so on. Due to this, you can easily use Circles to target your messages according to content.

Hangouts – Perfect for Obtaining Feedback 

With Hangouts, you are able to schedule online group events like a live Question & Answer session. Numerous people can simultaneously participate in a Hangout. You can consider it to be a huge chatroom you can easily control.

Communities – Lead Nurturing, Relationship Management and Authority Building 

With Google+ communities, you can effortlessly create or participate in focused groups of both companies and customers sharing a particular interest. You can also participate in some existing communities to build trust, raise brand awareness and get instant feedback from existing and potential customers.

You can start a community by creating a group which can be closely aligned to your brand values and policies. This can significantly improve your brand awareness. It also helps position you as a reliable and trustworthy authority. You are also able to nurture relationships.

Events – Quickly Set Up, Promote and Share 

Google+ Events are quite similar to Facebook Events. However, there is one basic difference. Events on this social network allow much higher levels of interactivity. If you are using Google Calendar or Gmail, you can easily add an event to which you have been invited to your calendar. Moreover, you will be able to instantly send invitations to whoever you select. This may be individuals or groups. Events are perfect for promoting on-site offers or webinars.

Business Pages – Get Discovered Easily 

Google+ Business Pages work exactly like Facebook Business Pages. Just like them, you will have to be a regular Google+ member before you are allowed to set up a business page on this super social network.

Google Places – More Visibility in Local Searches 

Google Places are also business listing pages, which are perfect for local businesses. With Google Places, you can display reviews, vital business information and photos. You can also display an integrated Google location map to reach your business. This allows you to index another page. Thus, your visibility is enhanced in search results. You will be able to drive a lot more traffic.

Google+ is one of the best social networking websites right now. It offers numerous benefits and makes sure your social media campaign gives a higher return on investment. It plays an important role for social media monitoring and marketing.

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  1. Alee says:

    You are absolutely right. Social media is a very powerful marketing tool and Google has expanded the horizons by introducing Google+. It is a very helpful tool.

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