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Top 10 Brands that Use Twitter Effectively for Business

While social media may already be a powerful source of global networking and interactive platform, it was further glamorized with the creation of Twitter. Twitter ushered in the era of hash tags that some of us have grown the love (or hate). The addition of celebrities who use Twitter also skyrocketed the popularity of this social media platform.

Marketers from top brands have not been far behind with the social media marketing strategy and have blended promotional activities, product showcasing and customer support brilliantly by directly using Twitter for business. Here are some of the top brands have used Twitter in a way that has not only helped them make their branding power more influential, but has also improved their business operations tremendously.


  • Delta Airlines (938K Followers)

The American based multinational airline company not only uses the social media marketing techniques to introduce the latest offers and special packages, but also creates an engaging environment with their customers. The @DeltaAssist twitter handle has more than a dozen Delta Airlines employees constantly online to solve any query that you may have and revert back to you instantly.

  • McDonald’s (2.78M Followers)

The reason this multinational food retailer has been among the top brands on Twitter is the fact that it not only exercises its marketing strategy by promoting new items on their menus, but does much more. Among the most anticipated tweets of McDonalds are about their giveaways that the followers receive when they tweet about what they love about McDonalds.

  • Taco Bell (1.54M Followers)

Taco Bell is one of the most active brands on Twitter. The best part about their Twitter page is that you don’t just get to see frequent posts of product promotion and offers, you experience real time interaction between the brand and the customers, especially several famous celebrities who tweet about @TacoBell regularly.

  • Arby’s (426K Followers)

The meaty restaurant is not just a classic Western style restaurant, but also a smart social media marketing strategist. The brand is constantly active on Twitter and offers engaging trivia, discount coupons and frequently replies to personal @Arby’s tweets as well, which always appears as an endearing quality to the customers.

  • Oreo (598K Followers)

Oreo has become a global favorite, but amid several other top brands, this one have kept its online presence as well known by providing humorous and creative tweets, introducing the latest flavors in quirky ways, and giving of promotional items all the time, Oreo surprisingly stands strong in the world of social media.

  • Nike (4.73M Followers)

It is no surprise that Nike is among the top brands on Twitter, but what makes it even better is that it does not use Twitter for business, but more for motivation and inspiration. Nike has stayed true to its dedication to help their customers go the extra mile, while helping the brand with promotional product showcasing tweets and offers now and then.

  • Dunkin’ Donuts (882K Followers)

Dunkin’ Donuts is another brand that uses the social media platform of Twitter for business as well as dedicated customer support. Whether you tweet about your amazing experience when you last visited their store, or throw a critical remark at their twitter handle, you can expect a prompt reply in appreciation or concern which is just as well as customer service can get.

  • IKEA USA (348K Followers)

This Swedish furniture and lifestyle retailer not only provides state of the art furniture in their store, but rules the powerful social media marketing campaign on Twitter as well. This brand not only showcases the latest lifestyle products it has to offer, but walks you through guides such as moving in tips, added links to talented design bloggers and much more.

  • Intel (4.13M Followers)

Intel is a brand that takes a different route by using Twitter for business in an innovative and informative way. Since Intel is among the few top brands that does not need to offer its products directly to the customer, this brand uses their technology to educate people about what their brand is doing and how they can be a part of it too.

  • Disney (4.23M Followers)

Disney has been a part of everyone’s life for decades now, and it continues to be so as it takes on the social media platform to keep reminding everyone that “it’s a wonderful world”. With frequent tweets of the classic Disney songs we have grown to love and with the most famous quotes from the movies, Disney certainly makes sure that their charm is not lost.

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