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How to Turn Off Facebook Ad Campaigns [Video]

In this video we walk you through the process of turning off a Facebook “Likes” campaign that isn’t getting great results.

Video Transcription:

Hi, this is Keith from The Social Savior and in this video we’re going to have a quick look at your Facebook Advertising Campaigns.

Now there’s so much possible optimizations that could be done to your Facebook Ads that we can’t look everything in this short video. What we’re basically going to look at is how to stop and start them. So if anything is costing you more than a dollar, if a like is costing you more than a dollar, we’ll turn off the campaign or if post engagement is costing you more than a dollar, turn off the campaign. Now if either of those cases happen, you probably want to try a new campaign with a different target audience, and see if it costs lower. That would be first place to start.

Alright, so let’s see how we can pause these campaigns. So we’re going to go to business.facebook.com. And in business.facebook.com, we’re going to click on to adverts manager. Okay, so here’s a list of my current campaigns running and this one here is a “likes” campaign which has had 39 page likes in the last 7 days and they have been costing $0.86 each.

Okay so based on what I just said, we’re going to leave this campaign running for now but if it was over a dollar, it may be time to look at a new audience. Our ad is only been shown to 2,389 people so it’s not that many yet, so we leave this one a bit longer. It could turn around but it’s probably going to stick around that $0.90 mark.

So further down here, we got one, another likes campaign, has had 8 likes in the last 7 days and the likes have been costing $1.40 each. Okay, so in this case, this campaign is looking like it’s not working. If people already aren’t liking this advertisement and it’s costing that much even though not even a thousand people have seen it yet, it may be time to re-evaluate.

So to do that, all we’re going to do is come over to the left here we’re going to hit this little switch here and that campaign is now off.

To create a new campaign, click on to create campaign up the top and run through the previous video that I’ve already created again on how to set-up a “likes” campaign. Now, so you might want to try a different age range, you might want to try a different location, and you might want to try different text on your “like” campaign ad. Maybe what you wrote in there wasn’t grabbing your audience.

Keep testing until you find something that’s under a dollar. If it’s under a dollar, let it run a while and see how your audience reacts. If you would like, you could also book a 30-min call with me and I can sit down with you and we can run through some things that could help you with your advertising campaigns.

That’s it for this video, thanks for watching.

Keith Terrell

Keith is an online marketer and owner of The Social Savior. Previous to this he has been an affiliate marketer, owned eCommerce stores, worked at both big and small agencies, and advised some of the worlds largest brands on their online strategy.

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