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How to Reply To Comments on your Facebook Business Page [Video]

In this video we walk you through the process of checking the notifications on your Facebook business page, and replying to comments.

Video Transcription:

Hi, this is Keith from The Social Savior and in this video I’m going to show you how to check your notifications and answer any messages you might’ve got the previous day.

So, one of the first thing you should be doing every day for your Facebook page is checking if you have any comments and replying to your customers as quickly as you can. So let’s have a look on how to do that. So let us start by going to business.facebook.com. If you haven’t sign up an account at business.facebook.com, quickly sign up first of all.

Once you’re in there it’s going to look just like this and we’re going to click on to your business page. Once we’re on your page, we’re going straight up the top to notifications, and this is where we’re going to see if there’s been any likes, comments or shares. So we can look at them all at once.

We can look at the likes individually, comments individually, share individually, and other if we wanted to as well if you’ve got a lot in there. Usually all it’s going to be fine if you’re doing it every day. So let’s have a look.

Andrew Peterson has liked a photo and also commented on a photo of ours. So I’m going to click on to the comment and I can see Andrew has said, “Sounds great, what time do you open?” and then we see the free membership on Saturday before 11, so I’m going to say, “Hey, Andrew we open at 7 am, we look forward to seeing you there” and I’ve also liked that.

Once that’s done we can just click out over here and that’s all done. So we only had one comment and that was all we needed to answer. So work through all your comments and your likes and also your shares, if a business has shared something of yours, jump in there, like the business, and write thanks for the share. If it’s an individual person unless you’re friends with them, you won’t be able to do that.

That’s it for this video, thank you for watching.

Keith Terrell

Keith is an online marketer and owner of The Social Savior. Previous to this he has been an affiliate marketer, owned eCommerce stores, worked at both big and small agencies, and advised some of the worlds largest brands on their online strategy.

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