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How to Post a Status Update on Facebook [Video]

In this video we walk you through the processes of how to find free images that you can post on your Facebook page, as well as how to use them in a status update.

Video Transcription:

Hi, this is Keith from The Social Savior and in this video I’m going to show you how to post a status update to your Facebook page.

So to get started, we’re going to business.facebook.com. If you haven’t already signed up for business.facebook.com, quickly sign up. Now when you do, it’s going to take you to this screen right here and we’re going to be able to click on to our business page.

From our business page, all we really need to do to post something is click on to this box, type out and hit publish. But in this video, I’m going to make it a little bit more interesting and we’re going to add a free image in there as well.

Now to do this, we’re going to go to a website called “Pixabay”, so it’s P-I-X-A-B-A-Y.com and this is a website that has lots of free images we can use. So I’m going come into here and type “soccer” and see if we can find something interesting we can post to the page. Okay, I’m going to choose this image right here. Let me click on to that.

It’s a free image for public use or free for commercial use, even. So we’re going to go “free download”, small is going to be fine for Facebook and we’re going to click on to download. Okay so we can see down here that it’s downloaded,

I’m going to go back over to my sports club page and I’m going to click on to this little image of a camera and go to my downloads folder and find and open the image. Okay, that’s in right there and then I’m going to add a sentence or so also to this status update. “Come down and visit our club on Saturday before 11 am to receive a free one month membership” and I’m going to publish that. And that’s it, we got our first Facebook post with an image on it.

Okay so that’s it for this video, thanks for watching.

Keith Terrell

Keith is an online marketer and owner of The Social Savior. Previous to this he has been an affiliate marketer, owned eCommerce stores, worked at both big and small agencies, and advised some of the worlds largest brands on their online strategy.

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