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How to Get the Best Out of Google+ for Online Marketing

Efforts to promote your product or service online can be fruitless if you continue using the same methods. With the ever increasing number of site owners offering the same products or services, it has become very difficult to reach your target audience. To claim your sizable chunk of the large internet crowd, it is important to embrace social media marketing.

Everyone wants to increase site traffic as this directly translates to increased sales. Social media marketing is simply the use of social sites such as Facebook and Twitter, to name a few, in order to promote products and services. Though it does not boast of a wide following as other social media platforms, Google+ can be a viable online marketing option.

What is Google+?

Owned by Google, this social media platform offers people a chance to share and exchange ideas online. Not many people thought Google+ would actually rise to threaten the more popular social media sites. However, recent statistics reveal that there are one billion Google accounts, making the threat very real.

With a clear integration with YouTube and Gmail, Google+ offers one a chance to reach out to large numbers of potential customers at no cost. Creating your private community is viable as it delivers the message directly to customers. However, if you are to effectively enjoy its marketing benefits, then enabling viewership for the public community will increase the number of potential customers.

Why Opt for Google+ for Marketing?

Well, Google+ works magic to transform your site into an ever busy destination. This is not to say that using it is just a good idea, it is a great idea! Why? If you understand how traffic generation works, the viability of search engine optimization is probably not new to you as well.

Currently, the best search engine happens to be Google. By using and remaining active on Google+, you get a direct chance to be on top of the lists. Though many people may not like it for its social networking features, social media marketers seize it for its viability. To be part of the great community utilizing this platform for marketing reasons, there are a few tips that can be helpful.

How to Use Google+ for Marketing

Create a Viable Community

You need to build a group or rather a community as with other social media sites. Basically, these are people who may be potential customers. Use the Google+ search bar to find individuals who have tagged you or posted something about your business. Furthermore, you can use Google+ ripples to trace individuals who have shared your content to make up the community.

Another way is locating influencers with hash tags. There is a chance you may not be mentioned in any post. But, there are those trending individuals in your niche that enjoy a wide backing so connect with them. This will be great for your business.

Keep your Account Active

Simply post regularly to get a network of audience as you promote your page. Even if you have no unique content to post, commenting on a member’s post will enhance popularity. In addition, embrace the use of hash tags to make it easier for someone to know what you are talking about. It is even better as one can bold, italicize and perform other formatting options that will appeal to the eye of users.

Utilize Google Communities for Networking

These groups have members with the same interests. Some have members or influencers in your niche that will be beneficial to connect with. By commenting and sharing posts with other communities, you will get to effectively connect with industry influencers. A connection with a single influencer can give you access to thousands of potential customers.

Use your Page for SEO Purposes

Finally, here is the real deal. Being owned by Google itself, this social platform can give your site a mighty SEO boost. Getting as many +1’s as possible gives you an upper hand in the search engine rankings. Compared to Facebook likes, +1 has great influence on SEO ranking.

You can utilize this by embedding your posts into your site. The more your content is shared on Google+, the more it is indexed. With your link on them, SEO ranking potential is boosted. This is the main reason why you should consider incorporating it in your online marketing strategy. It will surely take your business to great heights.

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