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How to Boost a Facebook Post [Video]

In this video we walk you through the process of “Boosting” a Facebook post using the Facebook Adverts Manager.

Video Transcription:

Hi, this is Keith from The Social Savior and in this video, I’m going to show you how to promote a post.

So, if you’ve posted something on your Facebook page and you’d like more people to see it, here we can promote that to a larger audience. So to do this, we’re going to go to business.facebook.com. Now by this stage you probably already have a business.facebook.com account but if not, sign up for an account.

From this page, we’re going to scroll down and we’re going to find our business page and we’re going to click on that business page. Alright, so we can see here our first post here is about a free open day and a free membership available at our open day. Now I think that’s a pretty good deal and I’d like to promote this post to my audience, to a larger audience. They’re people who are already following me who I think might be interested in coming to this event as well.

Now this post is really great to promote because it already has a couple of comments on it and people are more likely to like, share or comment on something if other people already have. So, to boost a post, to promote a post, we could click on to promote post right here and do it all from the Facebook page and in this case I’m not going to, I’m going to go back to the business manager and do it the long way so you can see how it can be done from the advert manager itself. So I’m going to cancel this. I’m going to go back over to business manager and I’m going to go to adverts manager. In here, we’re going to click on to ‘create campaign’ and we’re going to choose ‘boost your posts’. We’re going to choose our business page and then it’s going to give us an option of different posts that we have on our page that we can promote. I’m going to click on our free open day post.

Now in the campaign name here, I am going to rename this so I know exactly which post it is when I’m looking at it. So I’m going to have “Keith’s Sports Club Open day boost.” So you can call it any you like but I know if I call it that when I’m looking in my ad manager, I know exactly which post this is.

So, I’m going to set audience and budget. Now with this one, I definitely only want to promote it to Melbourne because it’s only people who are in Melbourne who are going to be able to come to my open day. I’m going to choose my age range. Although I could even leave this as a wider range because more people might be likely to come. So if I did leave this to 65+ maybe someone’s parents would see it and tell them about it as well. But in this case I’ll leave it at 34. I’ll choose English as the language and I’m going to choose people who are interested in sports. So we got around a million people in this audience. It’s a broad audience, a lot of people are going to see our post.

Instead of a daily budget, I’m going to do lifetime budget and I’m going to choose the end date to be Friday. The event’s on Saturday, so I’m going to set that to Friday and I’m going to say it’s got a lifetime budget of $20. We’re optimising for post engagement, we’re not going to change any of these settings. Post engagement means, Facebook is going to be optimizing people who are going to like, comment, or share our content.

So, I’m going to leave all these settings, I’m going to click on to choose advert creative and again because it is boosting our post, we don’t need to change anything. When we created this post and all the content on this post, it was set up for us already. So in this screen here all we need to do is place order. So I might just have look at how it’s going to look on different platforms and also I don’t think I needed to be on Instagram so I’m going to click remove right here and have it not display on Instagram. Okay once that’s done I’m going to place order.

So now we have a post on our page that’s been broadcast to a larger audience than people who already like our page and this also could get people to like our page as well as well as people who would come to our open and we’re only spending $20 on that.

Okay, that’s it for this video. Thanks for watching.

Keith Terrell

Keith is an online marketer and owner of The Social Savior. Previous to this he has been an affiliate marketer, owned eCommerce stores, worked at both big and small agencies, and advised some of the worlds largest brands on their online strategy.

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