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How to Achieve Better Search Engine Rankings Through Google+

Anyone who has done even a brief bit of research about search engine optimization knows that linking your social media accounts to your website is critical for higher search engine result page rankings. But, of all the social media platforms, did you know that Google+ is the most critical?

Google+ is Google’s social media platform, its answer to Facebook, and it’s not surprising that the search bots of the world’s biggest search engine would favour this platform. So if you’ve been slow on the uptake it’s time to join the increasing number of people who are turning to Google+. Your Google+ profile could be the difference between remaining slumped in the nether reaches of the search results pages or having thousands of people clicking through to your webpage.


Why Is Google+ So Important to Search Engine Ranking

Google prioritises its own social media site when it comes to determining relevance and popularity (two of the prime measurements it uses to rank search results). Don’t believe it? Look at the data:

Searchmetrics conducted a study of 44 ranking factors to see which correlated highest with Google search results. The stand-out was Google+1s, the Google+ version of a Facebook “Like.” A similar study by MOZ found that the only ranking factor that correlated higher than the number of Google+1s a site has is Page Authority, which is significantly increased through having a Google+ account.

Optimising Your Google+ Page for Better Search Engine Ranking

The first step is to set your Google+ name. Whether you’re creating an entire account for your business or creating a separate business page this should be as clear and simple as possible. You should be aiming just for your business name. There is no point in stuffing keywords into it – this will add no SEO value.

The same goes for choosing your URL. Google+ has a feature where you can select your own Custom URL. Try to keep it just to your business name. Then, it’s time to concisely and accurately describe yourself and your business in your About section.

Many websites will encourage you to “claim” any content you produce with Authorship, so that you and your business gain more authority and rank higher in results pages. While it used to work, Google has stated that Authorship markup no longer is supported for web search.

Engaging Your Audience For Google+ and Google Search Success

When you’ve got your Google+ account and/or business page set up, it’s time to make it work for your increased search rankings. Google+ is more of a mix of search and social compared to other social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter. You have the option of sharing a variety of forms of content on Google+ and there is more leeway to post longer or more complicated content that would be advisable on other platforms. You can look at Google+ as like a “mini-blog.”

When posting on Google+ always use a catchy headline. Not only does this headline serve to catch reader’s attention, but it is what Google will display on its search results page. Make it relevant, and make it interesting. Don’t be afraid of writing a longer post. Instead of just posting a link to your latest blog post or content, write a description which summarises key points and explains why people should click it. Not only will this provide more keywords for the search bots to find, but it increases the numbers of clicks and shares which boosts search engine rankings.

Google+ comments are a powerful tool. You can imbed Google+ comments on your website which has a function that asks a commenter if they’d like to share what they’ve commented with their Google+ followers. It’s an effective way to increase your exposure to a wider audience.

Engage with your Google+ followers and maintain an active and interactive account. This sends a powerful signal to the Google search bots that you’re relevant and popular. The results are in and the message is clear: there’s no better way to boost your search engine rankings right now than through Google+. You’re not just improving exposure for your business on the social media site, you’re improving exposure and generating traffic to your business website through better search engine rankings.

Mariel Jolloso

Mariel Jolloso

Mariel Jolloso helps the human race with their social media battles at The Social Savior. She’s all for Social Media, obviously, but she still loves receiving handwritten letters. She’s been on Facebook even before it was cool; and in her defense, she says grace before posting about her food on Instagram.
Mariel Jolloso

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