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How to Get Positive Reviews on Social Media

For bars, cafes and restaurants, online reviews are hugely important to business success. Potential customers will look to reviews to decide whether or not to visit a particular establishment.
Reviews are User Generated Content – they’re far more powerful in fostering […]

What to Consider When Choosing a Social Media Influencer

Marketing has become more complicated over the years. While an actor in a white coat telling you “Camel cigarettes are the healthy choice” might’ve got the job done a few decades ago, the consumer has become more and more savvy […]

4 Epic Examples of Restaurants Using Social Media Successfully

If you’ve ever spent more than five minutes scrolling through Instagram, you’ll soon figure out that restaurants and social media are a match made in heaven. “Social media and restaurants” are, as Forrest Gump and Jenny were,  “like peas and carrots.”
The […]

The Best Way to Use Hashtags on Each Social Network

In 2007, Twitter started something. A little light bulb went off in staff member Chris Messina’s head. Why not turn that weird “pound” symbol that seems to make its way onto every phone keypad into something useful?
Initially used as a […]

Hot Social Media Marketing Tips for Realtors

The real estate industry is one that is often clothed in the hand-me-down gentleman’s smoking jacket of conservatism and tradition. There is a formula to selling houses, some will say, and the reason it is done in a particular way […]

Why Social Media Marketing is Vital for Actors

So you’re an actor, huh? That’s awesome! Welcome to a life filled with enough rejection to re-sink the Titanic and the constant worry of not being able to feed yourself.
I’m joshing.
But be prepared, it can be a hard slog, and […]

5 Social Media Tactics That Will Help to Drive Traffic to Your E-Commerce Site

As a business with an online presence you’ll likely be using social media as a way to direct your audience towards your website – that is, after all, how you make your money. But getting your audience to your website […]

How the Evolving Role of Social Media Is Shaping E-commerce

Where social media has historically been a place where users interact with their favourite people, it’s quickly becoming a place where users more often interact with their favourite brands. Social media has proven to be an incredible marketing tool; one […]

E-commerce on Social Media: A Guide to Social Shopping Basics

From its humble beginnings as a simple tool that helped friends connect to friends, social media has grown into a marketing phenomenon. It’s now an integral part of people’s lives, with Facebook activity currently taking up no less than 50 […]

Why is Social Media Important for E-commerce Businesses?

Social media began simply as a way to poke and throw digital sheep at those within your personal network. But from what wasn’t exactly the most hallowed of beginnings, it has grown into perhaps the most influential technology of the […]