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How to Start a Facebook Page for Your Business

Did you know that over a billion people login to Facebook every single day? If you are looking for a way to build momentum for your company, it’s time to start a Facebook page for your business. Your potential customers […]

Is Facebook Advertising A Good Investment?

There’s simply no denying it: we live and work in an online world now. As a business owner, you have to take advantage of online opportunities to reach your customers, promote your company, and advertise your products and services. Paid […]

How Much Does it Cost to Advertise on Facebook?

Running a Facebook ad campaign is a great way to promote your business, and it does not have to cost a lot of money either. Advertising on Facebook gives you a chance to reach a highly targeted audience. You can […]

How to Market on Facebook for Free

For a guerrilla marketer, Facebook offers a lot of ways in order to get the word out to your friends, and potential clients what your business is all about. The best thing about guerrilla strategies is that they are free. […]

How to Start a Business Facebook Page for Beginners

Facebook is becoming increasingly popular as a platform for marketing businesses, events and more. Running a Facebook page is a good way to reach your customers, collect feedback, and offer a point of contact for your customers without cluttering up […]

Can You Advertise On Facebook?

Advertising is the most convenient way of generating sales for your company. That is why each company uses different methods of advertising to attract more potential customers and also to increase the chances of making more sales. However, there are […]

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How to Increase Engagement via Facebook Marketing

Marketing does not just mean being seen. It is not the sole objective of a marketing campaign to get your adverts seen by as many people as possible but rather it is to try and get your visitors to actually […]

5 Critical Mistakes Small Businesses Make on Facebook

When it comes to using Facebook, everyone is doing it, from small businesses to giant corporations. Unfortunately, particularly in the case of small business, not everyone is doing it right and there are some pretty common themes among the mistakes […]

Five Ways to Improve Facebook Marketing Effectiveness

If you use Facebook to give your online or offline business a boost, you are not alone. Many people use Facebook marketing to help their business grow, and unfortunately, most of them are not maximizing the potential of the medium. […]

How Your Post Content on Facebook Affects Your E-Commerce Sales

You probably already use Facebook as a marketing tool if you are in the world of e-commerce. You might also use other social media websites like Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram. But when it comes to Facebook, in particular, your post […]