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How to Manage a Successful Business Blog

You’ve heard all the noise about content marketing and have decided it’s time to throw your hat in the ring… You’re starting a blog on your business website! Good on you – a blog has transcended being a “recommended benefit” […]

How NOT to Use Cross-Promotion as a Social Media Marketing Tool

Cross-promotion can be an incredibly effective marketing tool for your organization. OR it could be an incredibly ineffective or even harmful one. The difference between these outcomes will boil down to how you go about your cross-promotion; the practices and […]

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Case Study: Update 5

After seeing some drops in last weeks numbers we’re starting to see everything back on track again this week.  As you can see below this week Twitter has been leading the bunch is engagement, and it’s lead to a decent […]

Case Study: Update 4

After a really strong week last week we’ve had a bit of a decline.  This is to be expected every now and then with weekly reporting, and the overall monthly update should be looking great.

As you can see we starting […]

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Case Study: Update 3

Hey all,
We’ve now had 3 solid weeks of audience building completed for The Social Savior, and this week we hit 100+ likes on Facebook.  At this stage we’ve been writing on the blog, but only about this case study, and […]

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Holidays are over and we’re starting to grow!

Ok, now that Christmas and New Years are over and people are getting back to work.. it’s time for an update.
We continued to do some work on the non-public holiday days, and also queued a few posts over the holiday […]

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Update 1: Building an audience

So the project has been handed over to the team and they are off and running. Due to Christmas and New Years, we’ll be starting to post full articles, rather than my blog updates on Monday 5th January.
The initial stages […]

A few final bits and pieces

As of now the project has been handed over to our team, the content calender for month 1 is being put together, as well as some topic idea’s for the first of the articles.  Once this is ready, I’ll have […]

Open for business, and a real-time case study!

Finally, we’re open!
After many, many months of preparation we’ve finally launched our new website, and we’re open for business.  Unfortunately this is happening right in the middle of December so we’re not expecting a huge influx of new clients, or […]