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Benefits Of Using Google+ For Business

Google+ has been gaining ground and popularity especially among business users primarily because it offers more significant benefits for a wide variety of businesses. Moreover, this social network enables you to build new relations based on your interests, passions, career, or profession. Therefore, users can find information that is relevant to them and share it with other users who share the same interests.

Google+ helps you build and widen a network of contacts and also enables you to bring your business and brand closer to your prospective customers and followers in a unique way. Moreover, Google+ enables you to distribute media content effectively and efficiently on order to dominate social media. Here are the main benefits of using Google+ for business:

Take Advantage of YouTube Generation

Google+ allows you to take advantage of its integration with YouTube. Whether you have already established your brand on Google+ or YouTube, you will reach a wider audience by simply using them in conjunction. For instance, Google+ users can view your YouTube video to when you share them to Google+.

Improved Presence and Reach

Google+ can help your business build and maintain a strong presence. For instance, you can use features such as Google Maps and Local Business Pages to tell other Google+ users what your business entails and where it is located. Moreover, features such as Google+ Events create calendar reminders in order to ensure users are always up-to-date with promotional events and other important future plans. These features help businesses improve online presence.

Keep your Conversations Going

Google drive is a cloud based file storage and management service that enables you to share huge amounts of information with your audience including PDFs, presentation slide shows, and password-protected documents. Supplemental documents such as worksheets add great value to Hangouts On Air and keep conversations going even after your events.

Use Embedded Posts to Extend the Life of Content

Embedded Posts is a great feature that enables users to share Google+ posts on blogs. You can extend the life of content by simply embedding content that was created within Google+ on your blog. Moreover, it is important to understand that the embedded content is directly linked to your Google+ profile. Therefore, if web users are logged into their Google+ accounts when reading or watching your content; their shares, +1s and comments will be displayed on both your Google+ content and blog.

Take Advantage of Images

Visual content is a very effective way of capturing the attention of your audience. Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram require users to format (resize or crop) images to specific dimensions. However, Google+ does not adjust or crop pictures and this ensures that readers are intrigued by your photos and compelled to engage with them.

Format Posts

Web users want to consume information in the least time possible. Therefore, if you want to succeed in social media marketing, you must provide attractive and useful content that readers can scan and find the information they need easily. Social media platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook don’t allow formatting of content. Therefore, you can’t draw the reader’s eye to the important parts in your post such as links or the media you are promoting. However, Google+ allows you to add variables such as italics and bold in order to capture the reader’s attention.

Segment your Audience using Google+ Circles

You can use Google+ Circles to segment your contacts as you connect with other members. This important feature enables you to share content with specific connections in particular groups or circles. On the other hand, when you get permission to contact your contacts, you can notify them directly via circles.

Track Performance Using In-Depth Analytics

It is vital for marketers to track their social marketing efforts using the relevant performance indicators attached to them. There are various analytics tools that can be integrated with Google+ such as Circle Count and Sum All.

  • Sum All: This tool provides a visual presentation of new Google+ followers, published posts and post engagement.
  • Circle Count: this is a valuable tool that enables you to make key connections by providing you with a comprehensive database of influencers.

Google+ enhances media creation and how content is consumed. The segmentation, distribution, and analysis potential of Google+ provides marketers with limitless potential. However, it is vital to use Google+ with other social entities in order to maximize your benefits.

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