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Michael has a love of travel that quickly developed into a love of writing while he was trying to document his adventures. A bearded Australian with a taste for sport and beer, often simultaneously, the web content knowledge gained from running his own travel site has allowed Michael to expand his fields of expertise. We look forward to him sharing his thoughts as part of The Social Savior content team!

Winning Marketing Strategies for Those in the Food Business

People need food to survive. This is the inherent luxury of being in the food business – some form of demand is always going to be there. At least until we all turn cyborg and just plug ourselves in overnight. […]

Timely Additions to Your Internet Marketing Plan

So you and your business have already got the basics covered when it comes to your internet marketing plan – you’ve got yourself a fully functioning, beautiful website, a Facebook page and a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Google Adwords strategy.
Unfortunately […]

What to Consider When Choosing a Social Media Influencer

Marketing has become more complicated over the years. While an actor in a white coat telling you “Camel cigarettes are the healthy choice” might’ve got the job done a few decades ago, the consumer has become more and more savvy […]

3 Big Brands That Get Content Marketing

While it started off as a somewhat experimental and inexact science, the facts are now there for all to see: content marketing works.
Many brands’ marketing strategies are now built around content, with a huge amount of time and effort being […]

4 Epic Examples of Restaurants Using Social Media Successfully

If you’ve ever spent more than five minutes scrolling through Instagram, you’ll soon figure out that restaurants and social media are a match made in heaven. “Social media and restaurants” are, as Forrest Gump and Jenny were,  “like peas and carrots.”
The […]

How to Attract More Customers through Visual Content

Have you ever played the game where you close your eyes and try to feel around your house, to see if you’d be able to cope with being blind? No? Um, me either.
If I had hypothetically performed such an experiment, […]

The Top 5 Restaurant Website Designs and Why They Work

Food, glorious food.
When you’ve got a business based on something so evocative and photogenic as delicious cuisine, the intricacies of your web presence are made somewhat simpler. Ensuring that you display your mouth-watering creations should be enough to gain a […]

Why Should I Bother Updating Old Website Content?

So, you’ve been blogging for quite a while. You’re an old hand at this. Looking back through your blog, you’ve got pages and pages of dynamite material lurking in the archives. Like the clothes that are still sitting in the […]

The Best Way to Use Hashtags on Each Social Network

In 2007, Twitter started something. A little light bulb went off in staff member Chris Messina’s head. Why not turn that weird “pound” symbol that seems to make its way onto every phone keypad into something useful?
Initially used as a […]

The Art of Repurposing Old Content for Marketing

Your website archives are full of them. Just wasting away, untouched and unloved. Let’s face it – your old blog posts aren’t aging as much like a fine cheese as they are an un-refrigerated packet of Kraft Singles.
They’re growing moldier […]