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Mariel Jolloso helps the human race with their social media battles at The Social Savior. She’s all for Social Media, obviously, but she still loves receiving handwritten letters. She’s been on Facebook even before it was cool; and in her defense, she says grace before posting about her food on Instagram.

6 Main Benefits of Using A Social Media Management Company

If you aren’t using a social media management company already, you are likely missing out on some major benefits, and probably spending a great deal of time that you don’t need to in order to keep your social networks updated.
A social […]

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The Importance of Social Media Management

Social media management is a growing trend among businesses because it can improve results drastically. That’s because the tools that you can use to manage your social networking give you a great deal of information that can help you gain […]

What to Look For In a Good Social Media Marketing Service

Social media has become very important in the modern world. Almost everybody has at least one social media account. Many people are present on all important networks. Such networks allow people to introduce themselves to the world, but also to keep […]

Get Social Media Marketing Help by Following These 10 Tips

Having a well-thought out content creation strategy and pairing it with the power of social media marketing can effectively drive traffic to your site and help you grow your business. For many business owners, however, the problem is where to […]

Social Media Managers: What Do They Do And Do You Need One?

Successful social media strategy takes knowledge, experience, and a lot of hard work. To the point where a social media manager is now a full time job. Big companies and corporations have dedicated employees to run their social media accounts, […]

Basic Internet Marketing Concepts You Need To Learn Now

Online marketing is a huge chunk of the marketing industry these days because we spend a huge chunk of our life online. That’s where the people are, therefore that’s where we need to target our marketing. Because the Internet is […]

The Right Exposure – 3 Essential SEO Tips for Photographers

From landscape photographers to wedding photographers – whatever your niche and whoever your customers – we can all agree that a website is essential. That’s how the world works these days: if people are looking for a product or service […]

What Good Quality Content Marketing Can do for Physical Therapy

What is Content Marketing?
Today, consumers are wizened and hardened to traditional marketing techniques. Flashy signs that say “BUY THIS NOW!” and tacky advertisements that declare that something is THE BEST IN THE WORLD being spruiked by an actor who clearly […]

Recipe for Success: Social Media for Restaurants

Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Foursquare, social media is a great resource for restaurants to engage with their existing customers, reach a fresh audience, and ultimately drive more people through the doors. Each platform has its own benefits, and […]

Who’s on What? – The Demographics of Social Media Users

A number of research centers conduct regular polls to learn about how we use the internet. And they keep finding that increasing numbers of the adult population are using social media. Pew Research Centre found that, as of now, 65 […]