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Alex Sizer is a red wine lover, content writer and social media marketing specialist. When she's not writing her own travel blog, she's writing for The Social Savior's content team.

How to Get Positive Reviews on Social Media

For bars, cafes and restaurants, online reviews are hugely important to business success. Potential customers will look to reviews to decide whether or not to visit a particular establishment.
Reviews are User Generated Content – they’re far more powerful in fostering […]

Strengthening Brand Strategy for the Digital Age

The world of social media and online living has changed the way we interact with brands and companies. We’re more fickle than ever, but are also more demanding. It’s hard to capture our attention, but we want to associate entirely […]

How to Manage a Successful Business Blog

You’ve heard all the noise about content marketing and have decided it’s time to throw your hat in the ring… You’re starting a blog on your business website! Good on you – a blog has transcended being a “recommended benefit” […]

How to Grow A Small Business from a Website

Your website is one of your most important business tools. Where a website used to simply be an online business card with your contact details, it is now so much more. It is a way of attracting new business, engaging […]

How to Make the Most of Web Design and Branding for Maximum Online Impact

What is Branding?
Firstly, what do we mean when we talk about “branding?” Branding uses consistent imagery, sounds, logos, and phrases to represent the associations and characteristics of a company. Brands set expectation, and through exposure to your branding, customers are […]

How to Improve Your Content Marketing

Not using analytics for your content marketing is like sending a message in a bottle out to sea – once you’ve put that piece out into the world you don’t know where it’s going, who’s seeing it, or what impact […]

How to Boost Your Content Marketing Campaign

Content marketing, done right, can establish brand awareness, improve SEO, and develop a trusting relationship with current and prospective clients. Content can mean different things for different companies in different fields of business, but when it comes to producing content […]

SEO for Law Firms – How To Get Your Firm to the First Page of Google

When it comes to finding a lawyer, 21.9 percent of people start their search online. That’s a huge amount of prospects who are heading straight to Google find their next legal representative. That’s a huge amount of potential business that […]

Can I Advertise On Pinterest? Promoted Pins May Soon Be Available To Australian Users

Last year, Pinterest finally took the plunge and started selling advertising space. Named “Promoted Pins”, these native ads blend into the platform seamlessly and have shown great success in their early stages. Due to their unassuming nature, Pinterest boasts that […]

Best Practices For LinkedIn Ads – Tips, Hints, and Tricks

When it comes to B2B marketing and exposure to an engaged professional community, there really is no better platform than LinkedIn. Audiences on LinkedIn are active and interested and, on the whole, are willing to be marketed toward. Spending some […]