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Alex Sizer is a red wine lover, content writer and social media marketing specialist. When she's not writing her own travel blog, she's writing for The Social Savior's content team.

7 Myths About Social Networking for Business

There’s a lot of misinformation out there about social media for small businesses. These are seven of the worst myths about social networking for business that may be leading you down the garden path with your business social media.
1. Social […]

Facebook Live for Bars, Cafes, and Restaurants

Facebook Live is yet another new function on the king-pin of social media, and it’s yet another way for bars, cafes, and restaurants to reach an audience – old or new.
Put simply, the Live feature allows you to stream video […]

How to Improve Your Instagram Engagement in 10 Easy Steps

Instagram is one of the staple social media platforms. Businesses of all kinds are on Instagram. It’s one of the easiest ways to find and foster community, brand awareness, and brand affinity.
Engagement on Instagram comes in the form of likes, […]

10 Social Media Resolutions for the Year

Ahhhh, the New Year. There’s no time like the first quarter for reflecting on the year that’s been and the year that lays ahead, the things you’ve achieved and the things you want to achieve. New Year’s resolutions are a […]

How to Improve Twitter Engagement in 20 Easy Steps

Twitter is the ultimate in online conversation. It’s business to consumer, consumer to consumer, and business to business relations all rolled into one. Engagement on Twitter fosters relationships and allows your company to engage with other industry members as well […]

How to Improve Your Facebook Engagement in 10 Easy Steps

Posting content to Facebook is just the first step in the social media marketing game. The real power is in the engagement. When people interact with your social media page they’re connecting with you and your brand, and you’re building […]

How Facebook Decides What’s Trending

You may have recently noticed a new feature on your Facebook side bar; a little panel called “Trending.”
So, what is this new feature and how does Facebook decide what’s trending?
What is the new feature called Trending and how do I use […]

What Not to Do on Social Media (If You’re A Small Business)

The emergence of social media as a marketing tool has been a game changer for small businesses. Suddenly you don’t need a massive budget to connect with an audience, promote your brand, and advertise your product. You also don’t need […]

10 of the Best Promotional Ideas for Bars and Cafes Using Social Media

There are endless social media-focused promotional ideas for bars and cafes – you’re really only restricted by your imagination and how social media savvy you are.
Here are 10 of the best social media promotional ideas you can use for your […]

Trending Restaurants on Social Media

When you study the marketing approach of trending restaurants on social media, you’ll notice that they have a few things in common. Whether it’s a global fast food chain like Dominos, or a high-end eatery in Manhattan, there’s key social […]