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Are You Using Google+ to Market Your Business?

If you’re investing time and money into social media marketing then you need to ensure that you are doing everything you can to get the most out of it. That means doing social media right and making sure you’re projecting the right image but just as importantly it also means making sure that you are present across as many social media channels as you can be.

If you are missing a social network out of your strategy, then you are missing out on huge potential benefits. This is particularly true seeing as it is relatively easy to expand one social media strategy to multiple different accounts by using tools such as Buffer and others like it.

And in particular, if you are missing out on Google+ then you are missing out in a big way. Google+ is a large social media platform with potentially huge benefits for any company in terms of exposure. But it also goes way beyond that in a number of key ways…

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The Size of Google+

Google+ is a social network from Google that was designed at least partly to compete with the likes of Facebook and Twitter. Did it succeed? Not entirely – the platform still sees much lower adoption than those two and it really isn’t a ”household name” in quite the same way.

Nevertheless though, G+ is still large and growing and there are some encouraging statistics describing its user base.

For instance, there are currently over 20 million monthly Google+ users who spend on average seven minutes on the site each month. This accounts for 22 percent of all online adults visiting at least once a month.

This information comes from Google’s reports as well as other sources.

Google+’ Other Benefits

What makes Google+ more important than just any ”mid-sized social network” though, is the fact that it is run by Google who also have that rather impressive stranglehold on search. As such, Google+ has been built into search to quite a large extent and this is expected to increase with time.

According to Moz’s 2013 survey of search engine ranking factors, getting +1s is actually one of the best ways to improve your ranking in the SERPs (search engine results pages) and thus to improve your visibility and receive more targeted traffic.

Getting +1s also means you will show up in personalized search results more often for the person who plus-oned you as well as the people in their circles. This way, you can actually leapfrog some of the competition even before your SEO efforts have built momentum.

Google+ business pages also help greatly with your local SEO (which is great for making conversions and now accounts for over 40 percent of search) and for showing up on Google Maps.

What’s more, a Google+ account of some form is now necessary if you want to start uploading content to YouTube and can greatly help with your rankings.

In other words, Google+ is now a big part of Google’s strategy and if you want to get on the good side of the world’s biggest search engine, then it should be a part of yours too.

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