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A few final bits and pieces

As of now the project has been handed over to our team, the content calender for month 1 is being put together, as well as some topic idea’s for the first of the articles.  Once this is ready, I’ll have them approved and we’ll post it up here.

In the meantime I’m still doing some minor tweaks and optimizations to the website.  My background leaning heavily toward SEO over the previous years, I’ve been working with my developers to ensure that every aspect of our website is technically correct.  Such as titles, headings and content is relevant to what users are actually searching for, content is (obviously) 100% geared toward the user and not bots, headings set up both correct technically (h tags correct, not as formatting tools!) and laid out well for the users, site structure is in order, canonical tags are set up correctly etc etc etc.

Right now the developers are also working to optimize the site for speed.   What we want to do here is ensure there is nothing technically wrong that could hold this website back from ranking well in Google and the other search engines.

Although we no longer believe in doing any active link building.  We do ensure our clients web sites are “optimized” technically.   That there is nothing that could be holding them back in ranking from an onsite perspective.  Once that’s done we let our audience do our offsite SEO for us by liking and sharing the great content on our website, and that we share across our social channels.

This brings visitors – and also links – to us naturally.

Keith Terrell

Keith is an online marketer and owner of The Social Savior. Previous to this he has been an affiliate marketer, owned eCommerce stores, worked at both big and small agencies, and advised some of the worlds largest brands on their online strategy.

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