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5 Facebook Tips and Tricks for Small Businesses Looking to Get Ahead

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It’s a dog eat dog world out there, and no one knows this better than small business owners. Competition among businesses is fierce, and finding ways to get ahead can be challenging.

In terms of ways to get ahead, Facebook may be one of the best utilities available for small business entrepreneurs. As the most complete marketing tool at your disposal, savvy use of the platform can serve to set you apart from your competitors; to get you to be a veritable Usain Bolt’s length ahead of others in your industry.

While setting up a complete Facebook profile and ensuring you update your followers regularly are non-negotiables for pretty much every modern-day business, here are a few less obvious tips and tricks that may help you to stand out from the crowd.

Be ultra-responsive

Your response time is shown for all to see on your business’s Facebook page. What’s more, there’s mounting evidence that your response time is a key part of Facebook’s algorithms, and affects your visibility on the platform. There’s simply no excuse for a bad score.

A slow response score will make potential customers hesitant in contacting your brand, meaning lost business. Ensure that your page is linked to a mobile phone in order to respond as quickly as possible to any communication.

Convey your brand’s personality

If your business sounds exactly like all of your competitors’ businesses, why wouldn’t anyone choose you? It’s vital that you settle on a brand personality, and convey it to your followers. Are you cheeky? Informative? Debonair? Are you ultra-professional, or more personal? Do you have a specific aesthetic?

These questions can only be answered by looking at your ideal customer, and identifying exactly what they like and dislike. Once you’ve settled on your brand, stick to your personality whenever you’re active on the platform.

Add a call to action

Facebook offers the option to add a call to action to your page, but it is surprising how few businesses actually use this feature. There is a range of options that are offered in the bottom right-hand corner of your cover photo, all of which make your business contactable by anyone in one quick click! It is a great way to redirect people to your website and boost your traffic numbers.

Save your audience

Another underused Facebook feature, Saved Audiences is a function within Facebook Business Manager which enables any business owner to advertise their products or services to a very specific audience.

Saved Audiences are entirely free to set up, so it won’t cost you a cent to have a play around with different demographic information to find your perfect niche. Once you’ve identified the type of person you want to target, you can invest a small amount – just a few dollars – to advertise to them, and test the effectiveness of your campaign. Minor tweaks and alterations are easy to make, allowing you to create the most effective and efficient campaigns possible through trial and error.

Put a focus on video

Here’s a fun stat – video on Facebook accounted for just 0.9% of posts in 2016, but 7.15% of total reach on the platform. They are some crazy numbers which serve to show exactly how effective video can be.

What does this mean for you and your small business? It means that you best be comfortable with moving images. Videos are the quickest and most entertaining way to convey information to your audience. They’ll autoplay for most people who scroll past them, meaning a focus needs to be put on producing an impactful first few seconds.

Facebook is also investing a lot of resources in promoting its Facebook Live feature, so don’t be shy in turning on that front-facing camera and giving followers an insight into your operation, as the potential reach is fantastic.

While not a particularly large investment in monetary terms, a focus on Facebook does require a decent investment of time. But for those who fully commit, the payoff will ultimately make it more than worthwhile.

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