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3 Reasons to Not Ignore Google Plus Marketing

Google plus has more than 150 million monthly active users. And nearly half of them log into Google Plus daily. Truth be told, this social media platform is not as popular as Facebook or Twitter, but it can help increase your businesses search engine rankings in a beneficial way.

Google Plus is different from other social media networks in its impact on SEO. For instance, each post you publish on Google Plus is indexed as a separate page in Google’s search engine, almost right away. Moreover, Google Plus also offers remarkable tools as Google Plus Ripples and Google Hangouts.

In short, you should never ignore Google Plus Marketing. Using Google Plus offers 3-in-1 benefits: it can boost your websites SEO, invite new customers and increase sales.

Reason #1: Google Plus Can Boost Your SEO

If you care about search engine optimization, Google Plus is a perfect tool. Here is how to get SEO benefits from using this social media platform:

  • Include and prioritize keywords in your Google Plus posts
  • Use the right physical location of your business in Google Plus – this will help your customer to easily find you.
  • Share posts from your website to Google Plus page
  • Use relevant hashtags in your posts
  • Integrate your Google Plus page with YouTube
  • Comment more than you post

Google Plus is owned by Google. And Google is the most popular site in the world! You must take this into account while devising your Google Plus marketing strategies.

Reason #2: Google Plus Has Interaction Features That Other Social Media Networks Do Not Have

Google Plus is an excellent platform to interact with your customers and prospects.

  • Direct interaction is an amazing feature of Google Plus. This feature is not available on other social media networks. When someone has added your company, service, product or brand to their profile, you can interact with them directly in many ways. For example, you can share their content, +1 it, send them direct messages and tag them in the posts. This is also very important, in case you use social media for customer support services.
  • Google Plus offers some of the most amazing features, Google Hangouts included. This feature is being used by many businesses today to interact with their customers or prospects; even politicians use Google+ to interact with their supporters. What’s more? You can also choose to use Google Hangouts extras such as Google docs integration, shared notepads and shared screen. Google + also lets you video chat with up to 9 users at the same time.

Interaction with your customers and prospects, video chats or customer support service, all these features only offered by Google plus.

Reason #3: Google Plus Helps to Make Your Images Look Perfect

Google Plus uses next generation technologies to make your images appear perfect—without blemishes. It is a great platform for businesses that use images in their marketing efforts.

  • Photo editing tools in Google Plus can help you to create your own branded memes
  • You can overlay text on your images
  • ‘Auto Awesome’ feature will animate a series of 5 or more pictures uploaded to Google Plus at the same time, if they have similar subject matter. They can be used as your cover photo, to make your Google Plus page appear more alive than ever.

You can make minor edits or funny modifications to your images using Google Plus. Securing high rankings in Google means a great deal to most businesses. In fact, Google plus has a lot of say in how your website appears in the organic search listings.

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