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Visual Content Formats That You Want to be Part of Your Marketing

Text is boring. I can tell that the negligible effort required for you to scan these little words is grating away at your very soul. And I agree. If a picture tells a thousand words, that does seem the more efficient way of digesting information. Visual content allows for maximum punch with minimum fuss. You […]

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How to Make the Most of Web Design and Branding for Maximum Online Impact

What is Branding? Firstly, what do we mean when we talk about “branding?” Branding uses consistent imagery, sounds, logos, and phrases to represent the associations and characteristics of a company. Brands set expectation, and through exposure to your branding, customers are likely to choose your product due to the familiarity they have with your brand. […]

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What is the Difference Between SEO and SEM?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) versus Search Engine Marketing (SEM). It sounds like an inter-association wrestling showdown. “Oooh lawd, SEO is gunna CRUSH IT this year.” But that really couldn’t be further from the truth. Search engine optimization versus search engine marketing is not a battle to the death at all. It’s about comparing the two strategies, […]

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How to Improve Your Content Marketing

Not using analytics for your content marketing is like sending a message in a bottle out to sea – once you’ve put that piece out into the world you don’t know where it’s going, who’s seeing it, or what impact it’s having. Content marketing analytics are essential for measuring the success of your campaign, understanding […]

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How User-Generated Content is the Next Big Change in Marketing

“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.” Well, if there’s a classier way to start off an article than quoting freakin’ Shakespeare, this young punk hasn’t heard of it. The Bard seems to have been, yet again, 400 years ahead of his time. Because when you look at the […]

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Is SEO Worth the Time and Money for Contractors?

Yes. Oh, you wanted an explanation? Am I untrustworthy? Do I look like a liar to you? No, I get it. Due diligence and all that. If we believed everything we read on the internet the world would be one questionable place. Thankfully, the cold, hard facts back me up on this opinion. Let’s take […]

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How to Boost Your Content Marketing Campaign

Content marketing, done right, can establish brand awareness, improve SEO, and develop a trusting relationship with current and prospective clients. Content can mean different things for different companies in different fields of business, but when it comes to producing content to market your business, good content and good approaches will have some key elements in […]

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Why SEO Training Could be the Best Marketing Investment You Make

Marketing your organization on the world wide web is a hard thing to wrap your head around. It’s got a lot of similarities with trying to imagine infinity, or trying to comprehend the enormity of the universe. When you think about the fact that every western business worth its salt is trying to get in […]

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Why Do I Need To Use Content Marketing Services?

Why do you? What the heck is content marketing anyway? And what is with all these rhetoricals? All terrific questions. For the uninitiated, content marketing is a type of advertising that gives to your customers without noticeably asking to receive. You know the article you’re reading right now? As in, these words right here? GET […]

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SEO for Law Firms – How To Get Your Firm to the First Page of Google

When it comes to finding a lawyer, 21.9 percent of people start their search online. That’s a huge amount of prospects who are heading straight to Google find their next legal representative. That’s a huge amount of potential business that you should be capitalizing on. But if your law firm doesn’t appear on the first […]

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