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4 of the Latest Hospitality Social Media Marketing Trends

As a pub, bar, café or restaurant, it’s important to stay relevant. Marketing is the obvious way to do this, ensuring that your business remains visible and at the forefront of people’s minds. But just as your business needs to stay relevant, so too do the marketing means by which you advertise it. Social media […]

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Instagram Stories and Your Food

Social media and social media marketing are an ever-evolving beast. Keeping abreast of social media involves keeping up to date with the newest features of each platform and learning to use them to your benefit. The latest Instagram update includes a new feature called Stories. So, what are Instagram Stories and how can you use […]

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5 Common Social Media Marketing Myths Debunked

Social media is a marketing channel ripe for rumor and speculation. Because it’s so new and in such a constant state of flux, it’s easy for users to form misconceptions about what it can offer, and what its limitations are. You shouldn’t let the truth get in the way of a good social media marketing […]

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10 Best Promotional Event Ideas for Cafes, Bars and Restaurants

Promotional events are a trusty old tool in the marketing tool-belt for the hospitality industry. Ranging from regular happy hours to one-off, pulling-out-all-stops parties, these events have been used to entice customers through venue doors for years. Now, in the age of social media, the promotional effects of special events can be two-fold. The event […]

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Proven Promo Ideas for Happy Hour Success

Happy hours are as ingrained in the Australian culture as the 40 hour working week. In fact, for some people, you can’t have one without the other. A consequence of prohibition in the US, happy hours were initially simple group meet-ups in speakeasies or illegal bars prior to heading out for dinner. The “happy” in […]

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How to Promote your Restaurant on Instagram Using Hashtags

When promoting a restaurant on Instagram, hashtags amplify the effect of your efforts. They increase the reach of your content and they brand and position your business. They allow you to start, encourage, or join in conversations, and allow you to leverage trending topics in real-time. Let’s have a closer look at how to promote […]

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5 Food Bloggers You Need to Follow

In many ways, foodies are one of the major beneficiaries of the digital age. It’s never been easier to stake out new restaurants, purchase exotic ingredients, or find cooking inspiration than it is today. Food bloggers play an important role in developing the palate of the online world. They offer up exciting new tastes, publishing […]

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How to Build a Restaurant Social Media Marketing Plan

It’s no secret to business owners, and especially restaurant owners, that marketing on social media is one of the most effective ways to increase business through attracting and keeping customers. The ease, the flexibility, and the variety afforded by social media marketing make it a low-risk, high-reward investment of time and money. When you market […]

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8 Hot Tips for Food Photography in the Instagram Era

We all know that it’s seemingly a violation of Instagram policy to not have at least 50 percent of your gallery showing sunsets and food. But while sunsets essentially take photos of themselves (the sun is undoubtedly the most photogenic thing in existence), food can be trickier. It’s fair to say that the visual gap […]

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How to be Social Media Savvy as a Small Business

As a small business owner, social media presence is essential for exposure, branding, customer service, marketing, and all manner of other uses. The modern day business just doesn’t exist without being on social media. Unfortunately for the small business owner, however, it’s just another thing to have to think about. Being social media savvy as […]

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