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8 of the Best Blogs for Any Restaurant Owner to Read

The World Wide Web is a treasure trove of information and one that is completely free to peruse. Everything that a restaurateur wants or needs to know is on there; it’s just a matter of looking it up. But the sheer amount of content available can be overwhelming. And often you don’t know exactly what […]

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How to Improve Your Facebook Engagement in 10 Easy Steps

Posting content to Facebook is just the first step in the social media marketing game. The real power is in the engagement. When people interact with your social media page they’re connecting with you and your brand, and you’re building and fostering community. It’s also the best way to organically reach new audiences. When someone […]

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A Look Back at Social Media in 2016

As the dust finally settles on the interesting year of 2016, it’s the perfect time to look back and review the year that was. But putting aside the obvious celebrity deaths, the tense international relations and the political talking points, what did 2016 look like from a social media standpoint? Let’s look at how each […]

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5 Qualities That All Top Rated Food Blogs Share

If you switch on your television, you’ll quickly realize that cooking is in. Between MasterChef, Bake-Off and Gordon Ramsey yelling at anything with a pulse, it’s fair to say that food is – pardoning the pun – so hot right now. Along with the small screen, the blogosphere has also jumped excitedly aboard the food […]

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How Facebook Decides What’s Trending

You may have recently noticed a new feature on your Facebook side bar; a little panel called “Trending.” So, what is this new feature and how does Facebook decide what’s trending? What is the new feature called Trending and how do I use it? Only currently featured on the desktop platform, not the mobile app, you’ll […]

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5 Fun and Fresh Ideas for Restaurant Promotion

As a restaurant owner, the basics of restaurant promotion will have been drilled into you ad nauseam over the years; be active on Facebook, create a Google business profile, invest in online marketing. Sure, these strategies are popular because they work, but the reality is that every restaurant owner worth their salt is going to […]

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What Not to Do on Social Media (If You’re A Small Business)

The emergence of social media as a marketing tool has been a game changer for small businesses. Suddenly you don’t need a massive budget to connect with an audience, promote your brand, and advertise your product. You also don’t need to employ a fancy marketing team, you can do it all yourself with a few […]

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How Does Twitter Go About Deciding What’s Trending?

A Twitter trending hashtag. Whether it’s an earthquake in South America, the death of a rock star, or a model wearing a particularly revealing swimsuit, this little Twitter function tells you in an instant what’s got the world talking. But how does Twitter decide what’s trend-worthy? What social media magic do they inject to ensure […]

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10 of the Best Promotional Ideas for Bars and Cafes Using Social Media

There are endless social media-focused promotional ideas for bars and cafes – you’re really only restricted by your imagination and how social media savvy you are. Here are 10 of the best social media promotional ideas you can use for your bar or café: 1. Team up with influencers This is a great way to […]

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Restaurant Marketing of the Future: Measurable and Local

The marketing game has changed a lot over the last couple of decades. Where marketing strategies of the 80s and 90s might’ve centered on flyers, radio slots and blimps (blimps were a huge thing back then, don’t try and tell me otherwise), things have changed. And they’re still changing. The digital revolution of the last […]

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