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5 Social Media Tactics That Will Help to Drive Traffic to Your E-Commerce Site

As a business with an online presence you’ll likely be using social media as a way to direct your audience towards your website – that is, after all, how you make your money. But getting your audience to your website from Facebook, Twitter or Instagram can be about as easy as herding cats. In one […]

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How the Evolving Role of Social Media Is Shaping E-commerce

Where social media has historically been a place where users interact with their favourite people, it’s quickly becoming a place where users more often interact with their favourite brands. Social media has proven to be an incredible marketing tool; one that more and more brands are doing their best to capitalise on. The evolution of […]

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E-commerce on Social Media: A Guide to Social Shopping Basics

From its humble beginnings as a simple tool that helped friends connect to friends, social media has grown into a marketing phenomenon. It’s now an integral part of people’s lives, with Facebook activity currently taking up no less than 50 minutes of each of their 2 billion users’ days. E-commerce brands simply cannot ignore the […]

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5 Creative Content Marketing Ideas for Your eCommerce Business

Content marketing is based on a simple premise – offering something of value to people in return for their attention. Rather than blatantly advertising to your audience by treating them as the customer and your company as the salesman, content marketing allows you instead to build a relationship. You’re supplying them with something beneficial, be […]

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Why is Social Media Important for E-commerce Businesses?

Social media began simply as a way to poke and throw digital sheep at those within your personal network. But from what wasn’t exactly the most hallowed of beginnings, it has grown into perhaps the most influential technology of the 21st century. Over a third of this planet’s people (2.56 billion or 34%) are now […]

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5 Proven Ways to Empower Your Business Through Instagram

Business empowerment is a far broader challenge than it once was. The amount of marketing channels that any business is now expected to capitalise on, be it a multi-national corporation or a small corner store, has grown dramatically over the last decade or two. The driver of this change has been the internet, and perhaps […]

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7 Little Known – but Incredibly Handy – Facebook Marketing Features

With nigh-on 2 billion members at last check, Facebook continues to be by far the most dominant social network. It has done this by continually breaking new ground in the world of social media, and nowhere is this more evident than in the realm of marketing. Facebook is an incredible tool for marketers, and far […]

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6 Essential Tips for Social Media Cross-Promoting

Cross-promotion on your organisation’s social platforms is a social media marketing fundamental, but nevertheless, it can be a difficult one to get right. With the intricacies and best practices of each platform constantly in flux, it can be difficult to know exactly how to go about your cross-promotion efforts from year to year. There are […]

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How to Increase Engagement When Using Instagram for Business

The best way to use the world’s most minimalist social platform remains a mystery to many businesses. With such limited functionality your options might seem to be fairly restricted, but in truth, there are a multitude of ways that you can work to increase your Instagram engagement. Here are seven of the most effective: 1. Put […]

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5 Inspirational Examples of Awesome Social Media Contests

Social media contests are marketing tools which are as effective as they are fun. Giveaways can really spur your audience into action, with engagement and reach far exceeding the results of more standard social marketing tactics. Looking for inspiration for your next promo? Here are five examples of social media contests done right. UrDogs Social […]

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