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5 Effective Instagram Marketing Strategies for Bars

Forrest Gump might say that Instagram and bars “go together like peas and carrots.” The drinks are flowing, the smiles are abundant, and everyone is dressed up to the nines in their finest weekend wear. As a bar owner, you are surrounded by potential Instagram gold, but this gold can turn to lead if your […]

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Best Marketing Practices for Restaurants on Facebook

“Everyone Poops”, announces the classic children’s book of the same name. This is a brilliant thing for restaurants, as it means that everyone also eats. And currently almost 2 billion of these food loving people – over a quarter of humanity and a far greater percentage of the developed world – can be found on […]

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7 Tips for Running Successful Campaigns on Social Media

What is a successful social media campaign? One which increases brand recognition? One which spreads awareness of a product or service to a wider audience? Or simply one which boosts sales? In reality, a successful social media campaign can be one or all of these things. A successful social media campaign is one which achieves […]

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Cross-Posting vs Cross-Promoting Your Business on Social Media Channels

Presenting a consistent brand across all social platforms should be the aim of any modern day organisation. With consistency comes familiarity, allowing your audience to grow to love your brand, or at the very least feel familiar and comfortable with it. This uniformity is generally achieved one of two ways – by cross-posting or cross-promotion. […]

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The Top 6 Clever and Unique Ideas for the Promotion of Your Coffee Shop

You’re no Starbucks. You’re a cute little coffee shop that offers a welcoming atmosphere to go with a delicious handmade cappuccino. And you’ve got a marketing budget to match. So with limited funds to play with, you’ll need to outsmart those big multinationals by using promotions that are as unique and memorable as they are […]

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How to Create Mouthwatering Social Media Posts for Restaurants

Posting pictures of your wares on social media is a powerful marketing tool for restaurants and cafes. Potential customers will scroll through your feed and make a decision whether they want to visit your establishment or not based on what they see. You don’t need fancy photography equipment and a huge amount of time to […]

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Sports Bar Marketing Game Changers

Sports are beautiful. They unite people, bringing them together under the one banner. They bring out people’s passionate side, allowing them to fully commit to a cause. They also go particularly well with beer. The competition between sports bars can be just as willing as the competition between professional teams. It’s a constant dog fight […]

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Restaurant Marketing Tips: The 4 Steps to Translate Social Media Engagement into Actual Sales

It’s easy to get a little lost in the hunt for likes on social media. The thrill of getting a load of thumbs ups on Facebook or hearts on Instagram can serve to distract you from the real reason that you use these platforms – to generate revenue. Social media marketing can seem to be […]

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A Beginner’s Guide to Being a Social Media Savvy Small Business

Social media isn’t for everyone. While there are many who enjoy posting on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, there are many others who use these platforms seldom, if at all. The brightness of the social media limelight attracts a certain type of moth. Social media is an absolute must for any small business when it comes […]

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How Restaurants Are Using Social Media Effectively

When it comes to embracing the potential of social media marketing, no other industry has quite captured it like the restaurant industry. Businesses of all sectors can learn a lot from looking at how restaurants are using social media effectively. Cafes and restaurants have leveraged each nugget of potential that social media offers, landing them […]

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